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Oldie But Goodie - Stat / Role / Unit Guide from SG TOFU

Posted by PatheticKid 
Oldie But Goodie - Stat / Role / Unit Guide from SG TOFU
August 23, 2017 03:03AM
I did not write this guide, but stumbled across it while browsing old sg-mail. I think it was from TOFU, but I'm not sure. Feel free to claim this as your guide smiling smiley I'm pretty sure all the links are dead so don't bother clicking them. Anyways, enjoy!

SG guild


i) Clouter roles
iii) Clout units
iv) Clout stats
v) Perfect PR Clout stats
vi) Eduer roles
vii) Eduer units
viii) Edu stats
ix) Perfect PR edu stats
x) Higher PR stats
xi) FAQ
xii) Conclusion and Credits

Part I
Clouter roles
You have TWO jobs:
i) Poccing, by far the more important of the two. Quite a simple concept; really, you just need to put your unit onto a beacon like thing and wait for it to light up with your factions flag on it. I'll discuss how to best do this
ii) Sitting, your units will be very hard to clear off a poc, so just sit and block it if you can. You'll prevent opponents from putting units on your poc.

Part III
Clout units
EG Poccers:
Wraiths, Levis, Moths

Support poccers:
Knells, medics, hydras

Sappers, Albs, Pigs, Chims

Why Mephits, Aboms and Quorgs make lousy poccers
Assuming you are not pr 16, wraiths always make better phase poccers and moths always make better rolling poccers. That's pretty much it.

Part IV
Clout stats

Some rules of thumb to keep in mind
1) You should build you stats around units, not units around stats
2) Try to build stats centred around EG poccers
3) 120 clout is usually not worth the investment
4) Consider whether your units would be better with a different stat
5) There is little reason to ever drop below 100 tactics as a clouter
6) You do not need high MA or EDU for a clouter
7) Most often, the best edu levels are 5, 10, 30, 40, 42, and 82.
9) Did I mention tactics is awesome yet? I tend to forget sometimes

You will notice that 60/111/42/23 has not been listed below. The reason this is not a good stat set is because it does not take full advantage of the most powerful stat, tactics. Some might argue it is a good starter stat. Well, I've given alternative stats that increase effectiveness while still allowing for starters.

Also, you will notice that the ma in the stats I have suggested is not very high, there is a very good reason for this; that is, TACTICS IS YOUR BEST FUCKING FRIEND AND MA IS NOT. You should almost never reduce tactics in favor of ma or edu. Also, did I mention Tactics is awesome?

Some great possibilities for 0-reinc clout

This is my personal favorite as it allows for awesome levis and wraiths (the moths aren't bad either). Although it doesn't offer a shield with wraiths, it more than makes up for it with the additional units you get (and just overall effectiveness)

ii) 100/108/22/6
This is just a variation on the stat above if you wish to use Behemoths mainly instead of Levis. However, you do lose the ability to SD on your wraiths, which you may find a little annoying.

iii) 120/80/30/6
This offers the best wraiths on a 0 reinc set-up. Compared to the first two, you lose some hp overall, but it allows for a shield and jorias, two great assets to any clouter.

iv) 120/84/22/10
This stat is about sheer numbers with your units. Wraiths levis and moths are all viable options.

Some decent starter stats (not optimal but worth mentioning):
I say these are not optimal because of the alternatives I've given above. However, they are okay stats geared more for beginners who need to get used to higher tact.

v) 80/108/42/6
This stat is geared toward a starter who wants to work with slightly more edu for an orbus shield, slightly tougher singular wraiths, and tougher singular moths. It does offer less poccing power overall but it is easier to use than the stats I've discussed above.
Moths are better under 100/108/22/6.
Wraiths are better under 120/80/30/6

vi) 80/110/40/6
Similar to 80/108/42/6, but geared more for levis instead of moths.

vii) 80/120/5/31

This is for clouters who feel they want to play a more relaying kind of role. I don't really recommend this, but if you feel like playing a relaying role, it is a viable option. It is far harder to use and does not offer any real solid poccers for EG. It offers great medics, Hydras, knells. (All relay poccers)

Why tactics is your best friend (and some exceptions)
Since in most cases, it is not single unit health, but set health that matters, tactics works to your advantage. Also, the more units you have, the easier it is to poke holes into a poc block, and the easier it is for you to block a poc yourself. Also more units allow you to attempt multiple pocs (vs wulu, not recommended vs pro). Imagine 80tact wraiths, 2 roc 8 wraiths(6 wraith 2 orb) vs 120tact, 2 joria 10 wraiths(8 wraith 2 orb). 120 tact, that's 50k more hp for a poc.
Look at a set of 100/110/10/16 levis and ask yourself if you could do better with lower tact.

Why low pr clouters are very useful

Once you get even one reinc, your effectiveness can increase greatly. Even with two points, 120/108/5/5 is a great option.

Part V

Perfect Pr 10: 120/108/5/7 (or 120/110/5/5)

This first is the stat I personally run and I can tell you that it is very effective because of killer wraiths and moths, (two of your three best poccers as clouters who incidentally work with low ma). It fully utilizes tactics and the fact that clout units don't need ma

10 x 24.6khp 40 armour wraiths + 2 Jors
12x 19khp 108armour moths
Cloak, Emp 21k/5 wraiths + jor

Perfect PR 11: 120/110/10/15 or 120/108/22/5
First stat gives better levs + sd on wraiths second stat gives better moths.

Perfect PR 12: 120/110/30/10
This is arguably the best pr-efficient clouter. It offers great levis, orbus and sd with wraith, and great moths. Chims, sappers, and knells are also very good,

Perfect PR 13: 120/111/42/12
Tougher moths and wraiths than above, allows for tl80 weapon with wraiths (12 ma bp).

Perfect PR 13 120/120/10/35
This stat is made mostly for medics. They do not improve much from perfect pr 13.
Levis, wraiths, and hydras work well too.

These perfect PR stats are very good reference points when designing post reinc-stats. If you're going into PR X, look at perfect PR X-1 and PR X to compare your potential effectiveness.
For example if you're going to be pr 12, look at perfect PR 11 stats and see if you're more effective, then look at perfect PR 12 to see if you're comparable.

Part VI
Edu roles
Eduers have more roles to play in any given battle. Thus, it is usually helpful to have more eduers than clouters.

Clearing- Often, enemy pocs will be sat by enemies units. With this in mind, go kill those units as quickly as possible so your clouters can poc.

Sitting/Defending- Enemy units will try to poc on you, by sitting and defending, you can kill those units and keep pocs safe

Anti-air- There will often be aerial units that need to die. Kill them with your AA units

Hunting- This is by far the hardest role as an eduer. This role entails killing artillery, phasers, and other such units; however, when being a hunter, you must also help with pocs if the occasion arises. As I am not proficient at hunting, I will refer you to other guides as soon as I find them.

Part VII
Edu units
Sitters: Revs, Wights, Imps (NO MOTHS, NO QUORGS)

Clearers: Arbs, Pigs, Vults,
(Wights and Imps are decent too but should not be your only set of clearers)

Anti-air: Nix, Balls, Falcons (better with higher tactics)

Hunters: Banshees, Eagles,
(ghasts are okay too)

Edu stats
Some rules of thumb for designing edu stats
1) You need to kill, not live longer, so design your stats around units that will kill faster
2) Tactics is your best friend
3) You should build you stats around units, not units around stats
4) Try to build stats centred around 1 or 2 main sets, but still fit really well with your 3rd and/or fourth max set
5) Consider whether your units would be better with a different stat
6) There is little reason to ever drop below 80 tactics as an eduer
7) You do not need high clout as an eduer
Cool 82, 102, and 120 edu are the main breakpoints. 62 and 92 are occasionally valid

Some Comments:

The only units that really require 120 edu are
falcons shees wights and eagles
If you are not using these units, you are better off with more tact and less edu.
Also, in general, falcons and eagles are not units to build stats around.

We all know by now that clouters don't really need any edu or ma to be effective. They have 2 roles that require essentially the same build of units, thus the unit and stat design is much simpler and often gives clear-cut "right" answers.
Eduer stats are a little more complex due to having 4 roles to choose from and each role requiring unique kinds of unit types. Fear not, for I shall guide you...

When to select 82, 102, or 120 edu (or 62 or 92).

Think of units you want to use. A good rule of thumb is to go for the edu required
for the most edu intensive units.

62 edu: Imps Balls Pigs Vult
82 edu: Arbs revs Nix
92 edu: Balls
102 edu: Imps Nix Vult
120 edu: banshee wight falc eagle

I've listed some units twice. That's because I really cannot judge where they are PR-optimal

Say you want wight imp nix pig. Because wights need 120 edu, you would choose 120 edu. However, if you don't want to build stats around them, you could drop wights and play 102 edu with more tactics.

In general, I say that 120 edu is not for non-reinc players. Because sacrificing tact for edu turns out to hurt pretty much all sets except for wights and banshees.
These two units are also better around pr 12-14 because players with 12-14 pr end up being able to have high tact as well.


Some non-reinc possibilities

This stat offers great revs, nix, arbs, pigs as eg units.
This is arguably the best non-reinc edu stat.

This stat offers good revs, arbs, pigs. However, revs and arbs are clearly better with the first stat. And pigs end up doing 8 dmg less overall with this stat, so pigs are about the same as with 100/6/82/48. This stat offers more units from which to choose, making it a decent, albeit sub-optimal, stat set.

Depending on unit selection, you'd likely be strictly better off with 120/5/62/49 or 100/6/82/48.

This stat is geared more toward having nice imps and nixes. The revs, arbs, and pigs are also good. This stat should only be chosen over the first if you wish to build stats around imps and nixes more than other units.


This stat provides great pigs, imps and balls.
You maximize your dps for all three sets by using this stat.
Vults are a viable option too.
Eagles (with 6 clout instead of 5) are very good.

As you can see, I have only listed 80+tactics, and 5/6 clout stat. This is due to the fact that TACTICS IS YOUR BEST FRIEND, not to mention that eduers have no need for clout higher than 6 (Some exceptions below).There is no viable reason to not go 6 clout with 236 points.

One commonly recommended option is 60/6/120/50
I really don't recommend this stat except in very rare cases. My justification is as follows:

Revs: better with any of the stats listed above
Arbs: better with any of the stats listed above
Pig: better with any of the stats listed above
Imps: better with 80/6/102/48
Balls: better with 80/6/120/30 or 120/5/62/49
Eagles:Better with 80/6/120/30 or 120/6/62/48
Nix: Comparable or better with 100/6/82/48 or 80/6/102/48
Basically, you'll NEED to use wights and banshees justify this stat. But with only 9 units, you're likely better off to leave these to slightly higher PR players

Part IX
Perfect PR 10
revs arb pigs

balls eagles pigs arbs revs
A little sub-optimal but a decent choice

Imps nix rev arb pig

Imps Pig Ball are probably best under this stat. Eagles are decent too.

Perfect PR 11
Rev arb pigs nix

wights rev arb pig nix balls eagle

imps rev arb pig nix

This stat has not really been tested, but it does give very nice revs pigs arbs and phasic trebs. The wights are slightly tougher than revs, have higher range, have 2 more dps, but deal less damage overall. I will be testing wights on x/x120/low stat
soon, but I'm in favour of them at the moment.

Perfect PR 12
Wights revs arbs pigs balls nix falcon eagle
This stat is basically built for having wights falcons and eagles, while not hurting other sets too much. However, other units would be slightly better with different stats.

Banshee Wights revs arbs imps pig ball nix falcon eagle
This stat is built for shees, other units are better with different stats. I'd only recommend this stat for someone running 2 sets of shees.

Revs Arbs Pigs Balls Trebs
Yes, I said it, trebs. Phasic trebs with 2 jors is going to be deadly with just pr 12.
All the other sets listed are also optimized under this stat.

Imps Nixes Vults Revs arb pigs

This is one of the only stats I'll list with more than 60 ma. It gives the best imps for a pr 12 eduer. Nixes are also great under this stat.

Perfect PR 13

Balls arb pigs rev non-phase wights eagles falcs

Imps arbs pigs revs nix

shees imps arbs pigs revs nix wights eagles falcons

Perfect PR 14

Pretty much all edu units

Support Units
The most common support units are liches, mw spirits, orbus, red eyes, and jors.

Liches are awesome because they block out all phasers when their irbm shield is deployed. I highly recommend keeping one with each set of sitters, particularly wights.

Another option instead of liches are mw spirits. They can disable jors, and can also hinder enemy clearing or poccing attempts. I recommend keeping these with revs if you are confident in your mwing abilities.

Orbuses can act as phaser and/or shields. It really isn't necessary or recommended to keep shields with your sitter sets because that means 1 less unit for killing power.
Phase orbuses are useful with clearers and balls if jorias are not available

Red-eyes can jam, scan, reveal cloak/camo units, and identify units.
Jamming is probably the most annoying for the enemy. It disables friendly view and the minimap of all opponents. This is particularly useful with nixes and miners because you can sneak up to pigs (nixes) or sneak to port (miners).
The nice thing is that you can equip jam and scan at the same time, meaning hunters will find them to be an asset too.

Arbs users will find the tachyon sweep (camo/cloak detect) very useful as well. I recommend having 1 sweeping eye or manta with each set of arbs.

The little used ability of red-eyes is to identify units. It is generally underpowered and/or useless, but I really enjoy using them with my emp wraiths. When you equip and sensor and a scanner on your red-eye, you can scan the map and identify units. You are able to see the maximum energy of units when you identify them, meaning it is easy to tell which units are solar and which units are not. This saves you the trouble of trial and error, or going after units some distance away only to realize they are solar.

Why behemoths are bad edu units (taken directly from Pendarr's SG-city guide)

Behemoths are never a good choice for edu. This is one of the only bad choices I will discuss, but it bears discussion because so many eduers use Behemoths. Behemoths do a lot of damage and have high hp/armor, so a lot of people like them. The problem, though, is that as an eduer, you don't need hp/armor, you need to be able to kill things quickly, and Behemoths, while doing a lot of damage per shot, do really horrible damage per second (dps), because their weapons have an absolutely horrendous cool down (time between shots). The relevant numbers: Gold H-TL120 Behemoth weapons do 776/3.0 = 259 dps (This is 9 higher than the DPS apps can do). Gold TL101 Revenant weapons (not even TL120; just 101) do 670/1.8 = 372 dps. That's more than a 40% increase in dps. Revenants are also faster, able to equip cloak or be phasic more easily than Behemoths, and get worse but still comparable hp/armor. There is never a reason to use Behemoths instead of Revenants if you're an eduer. Remember enemy must be on poc to get it so range does not matter (this is especially true in vic maps).

Exceptions to the 5/6 clout rule
Here I will discuss the exceptions to this rule.
We all know that clout is next to useless for eduers, reason being that your job is not to live longer, but to kill faster.

i) Hunter/AA stat sets.
If you're building your stats around having great hunters and/or aa, clout can actually be very helpful. This is because as hunter or aa, you're dealing with mostly units that move about but don¡¦t require a long time to kill, thus getting to your target faster (which clout allows you to do), is actually an advantage rather than having more firepower.

ii) When you already have 120 tactics and edu.
Well, I'm discussing this as an exception even if I don't believe in high PR eduers. The reason is that at 120/6/120/42+ (PR 14), you've pretty much already become as effective as you're going to get as an eduer. Any more points into clout allow you to live longer, not do more damage (which isn't necessarily a good investment of PR). That said, if you insist on playing edu as high pr, you can pump some clout because you really have no where else to put your points.

14 clout: banshees and SC spirits (12 clout)
22/24clout: imps balls vults arbs pigs (FFS NO MOTHS)
34/36clout: revs eagles wights
42 clout: Banshees

Mechanical Aptitude Sucks (Why tactics >>MA)
I have mentioned several times that tactics is the best stat. This is because as an eduer, more total damage supersedes per unit damage; and as a clouter, more total hp supersedes per unit HP. As a clouter, you'll never really need more than 5 ma (maybe 9 ma for tl101 arbs).
As an eduer, you won't need MA higher than 50 in most cases.

The prime examples being
120 edu Wights:
42ma tl119 weapon, 70% Overloader, 18k cell + ultra cell
Dps = 1150 dps


108 clout Wraiths
5ma, 5edu: 24.6k 40arm phasic, Tl 60 weapon.
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